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Youth ministry is an increasingly important activity for churches and denominations as they work to keep young people engaged and passionate about their faith. Many churches hire full time youth pastors to organize events for youth and provide mentorship opportunities and other ways of keeping kids and teens involved in their congregations. Some youth ministry organizations focus on volunteerism and providing youth with ways to participate in their communities and provide service while building relationships with their peers. Other organizations are more focused on reaching out to youth outside the church and spreading their ministry internationally. Becoming a youth pastor is a more appealing career than ever for many seminary students, and the opportunities for it are growing!

The organizations, camps, bloggers, and youth pastors included on this list have all made it part of their mission to bring excitement, engagement, and opportunities to youth populations within their own churches and beyond. Anyone hoping to get involved in youth ministry, as a pastor, mentor, volunteer coordinator, or in another role, will find great resources here. These are listed in no particular order, except that they are categorized for more convenient browsing.

Youth Ministry Groups

Many organizations have sprung up to provide materials to youth pastors, and to organize youth ministry opportunities. Some of these are specifically directed at Catholic youth, Methodist youth, or other denominations, and others are non-denominational.

  1. Catholic Youth Ministry

    Catholic Youth Ministry

    Catholic Youth Ministry is a series of curriculum and events meant to create closer relationships between teens and the Catholic Church. Some programs include Life Support, Edge Support, and College Life, all designed to meet teens where they are at that stage of life.

  2. Boundless


    Boundless is a place for young adults who want to grow up, own their faith, date with purpose & prepare for marriage & family. Their goal is to mature young adults in Christ as the foundation for marriage and family while providing a fun, inspiring and refreshingly real online community in which to share the journey.

  3. More Than DODGEBALL.com

    More Than DODGEBALL.com

    This site shares important articles and posts relevant to serving and leading in youth ministry. Topics include books to read, church traditions, and current events.

  4. Youth Specialties

    Youth Specialties

    For nearly 40 years Youth Specialties has worked alongside Christian youth workers from just about every denomination and youth-serving organization all around the world. They are dedicated to serving everyone involved in youth ministry, from volunteers to career youth pastors.

  5. NET Ministries

    NET Ministries

    Every August, 130 young Catholics aged 18-28 leave behind their jobs, school, family, and friends to devote nine months to serving with the National Evangelization Teams. In addition to worldwide missions and evangelism, NET also offers training for youth ministry leaders and formation and training opportunities for young adults.

  6. Group Mission Trips

    Group Mission Trips

    Group Cares™ began as a response to a big need. In 1976, after a flood devastated Colorado, a group banded together and put out a call that next summer asking youth groups to gather to rebuild homes and lives. Over 300 people came from all over the country and they have led mission trips every year since. The organization now provides four different missions experiences serving those in need around the world.

  7. Center For Student Missions

    Center For Student Missions

    This organization sets up youth missions in cities all over the United States, including Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. From there, these teams work on serving the local communities, getting to understand the issues, and learn about the cultures through this urban ministry.

  8. Unitarian Universalist Associations of Congregations

    Unitarian Universalist Associations of Congregations

    The youth ministry division of UUAC values biblical and church history but also understands the need for cultural connection in faith communities to nurture a vibrant youth ministry and faith. They regularly reimagine the framework for youth ministry and strategy for reaching more teens in the church and in their community.

  9. YouthWorker Movement

    YouthWorker Movement

    This group serves as a committee of youthworkers who discuss vision and strategy on behalf of the United Methodist youthworkers. These connected youthworkers enjoy a mutual support and a sharing of resources.

  10. NNYM – National Network of Youth Ministries

    NNYM - National Network of Youth Ministries

    The purpose of NNYM is to unite youth workers and national ministries to reach teenagers. They link youth workers together for encouragement, spiritual growth, and sharing resources.

  11. GRIP OutReach For Youth

    GRIP OutReach For Youth

    GRIP OutReach For Youth was created out of a need to help inner-city youths in Chicago who are fatherless and in need of strong role models. GRIP has been an integral source of guidance, providing programs and recreational activities that build a stronger relationship with God, communities, and themselves.

  12. Christian Retreat Center

    Christian Retreat Center

    The Christian Retreat Center (CRC) is all about people, relationships and changing lives. They reach out to children and youth through their programs both locally and globally. Their programs are designed to share the love of God in a meaningful and effective way for all.

  13. Youth Ministry 360

    Youth Ministry 360

    This group wants to see teens’ lives transformed with the help of capable leaders. They offer training, networking, and resources like blog posts and workshops to equip youth leaders to serve their ministries, no matter the size or denomination.

  14. Youth Haven Ministry

    Youth Haven Ministry

    Youth Haven Ministry is an open place for youth to come, hangout, enjoy activities and learn about spiritual principles while being in a safe environment. The Haven is a gathering place for the youth with a Bible-centered outreach to promote a well-balanced and healthy environment for fellowship, spiritual growth and opportunities to serve in the Christian faith.

  15. Youth Ministry Gear

    Youth Ministry Gear

    Impact graphics was formed for the purpose of making T-Shirts and apparel for Youth Groups and Churches. It was started in 1993 by two people who loved youth ministry and wanted to use their talents to impact the world for Christ.

  16. Center For Parent/Youth Understanding

    Center For Parent/Youth Understanding

    The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers. At a time when an already confusing youth culture is changing quickly, CPYU helps parents, youth workers, educators, and others understand teenagers and their culture so that they will be better equipped to help children and teens navigate the challenging world of adolescence.

  17. Simply Youth Ministry

    Simply Youth Ministry

    This youth ministry resource site offers both physical and digital download books, articles, and other resources for youth leaders and anyone working with young people in the church. Some of the resources are free and topic focused blogs, while others are large sets of curriculum to be worked on over a season or a calendar year.

  18. Youth Ministry Associates

    Youth Ministry Associates

    Youth Ministry Associates gives youth ministry and youth ministers in local churches a variety of articles, services, and extensive curriculum support to best connect with young people. The site makes it easier for ministers to build effective devotionals by supplementing with “E-Devos”, which function as a directory of free devotionals.



    CHOGYOUTH helps cultivate the environment necessary for youth leaders to form and help connect young people with God. The breadth of their services and resources is evident on their site, while includes a comprehensive overview of how exactly they support youth leaders.

  20. National Youth Association

    National Youth Association

    The goal of the National Youth Association is to fight for bipartisan solutions for youth issues. They believe in student and youth activism and letting the voice and issues of youth be heard in real life issues, including issues like education reform, environmental reform, and youth-related bills.

  21. Student Ministry

    Student Ministry

    Tim Schmoyer is the founder of Life In Student Ministry and is dedicated to facilitating discussions among Christian youth workers about youth ministry. He is the author of several youth ministry books published by Youth Specialties/Zondervan and Group/Simply Youth Ministry, a national youth leader trainer, speaker, and a super-volunteer at his church.

  22. Young People’s Ministries

    Young People's Ministries

    Young People’s Ministries was created to connect young people and those in ministries with young people to each other, to the church and to God. Young People’s Ministries aims to empower young people as world-changing disciples of Jesus Christ, to nurture faith development and to equip young leaders with the necessary tools to succeed.

  23. YouthMin.org


    Youthmin.org is a coaching, community, resources and growth website and is written by everyday youth pastors for everyday youth pastors. They want to help encourage youth pastors to be every day extraordinary through conversation. YouthMin.org wants youth pastors to join them every other Tuesday for their youth ministry chat.

  24. National Network of Youth Ministries

    National Network of Youth Ministries

    NNYM links youth workers for encouragement, spiritual growth, and sharing resources in order to expose every teenager to the gospel of Jesus Christ, establish those who respond in a local church, and disciple them to help reach the world.

  25. Effective Youth Ministry

    Effective Youth Ministry

    Effective Youth Ministry provides a thorough library of information, along with a great blog, for helping youth pastors find new ways to connect with young people. The site has an impressive display of video that provide a foundation for refining skills to work with youth.

  26. Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

    The Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministry is part of the Bishop of Buffalo and functions as an exceptional outreach for youth and young adult ministry for the Diocese of Buffalo. The site displays impressive comprehension of the issues faced by youth today and excels at explicating how youth ministers can be an integral part to helping these young people.

  27. National Collaboration For Youth

    National Collaboration For Youth

    The mission of the National Collaboration for Youth is to provide a united voice as advocates for youth to improve the conditions of young people in America, and to help young people reach their full potential. They serve more than 40 million young people and have a presence in almost every community in the US.

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    Churches & Denominations

    Individual churches often maintain excellent resources for youth ministry on their websites, and collaboration between churches on youth ministry efforts is common.

  29. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

    The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

    LCMS Youth Ministry leads, serves, resources, and networks youth and adults. Their gatherings and teachings focus on service and scriptures and developing a love of justice and compassion as the next generation in the church.

  30. LifeTeen Catholic Youth Ministry

    LifeTeen Catholic Youth Ministry

    As a Eucharist-centered movement within the Roman Catholic Church, Life Teen leads teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. Life Teen s found in over 31 countries and over 1,000 parishes worldwide.

  31. United Christian Broadcasters

    United Christian Broadcasters

    UCB is about putting the zing into your day with the music you love, great interviews and chat, helping you to connect with God in fresh and real ways. With 5 radio stations to choose from, a TV channel and a hive of activity online, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

  32. Soul Survivor

    Soul Survivor

    This site encourages both young and older Christians and church goers to read through the Bible in one year. They have online videos, discussion forums, questions, and guides, all meant to further reading and discussion.

  33. EpiscoYouth


    This site helps identify why youth ministry is important and relevant in churches today. Some reasons include helping teens integrate into the larger, intergenerational community of the church and resisting the status quo, helping the church stay relevant.

  34. SunRise United Methodist Church

    SunRise United Methodist Church

    The Gathering is the youth program of SunRise United Methodist Church is designed to meet the spiritual needs of youth grades 6-12. They have dinners, evening events, service trips, and other events that work to gather youth in a dynamic atmosphere.

  35. Lakeview Baptist Church – Youth Ministry

    Lakeview Baptist Church - Youth Ministry

    Youth Ministry at Lakeview Baptist Church is for kids in grades 7-12. Their mission and the focus of their program is to engage youth with God’s work and equipping youth to impact the world.

  36. Second Presbyterian Church

    Second Presbyterian Church

    The youth ministry of Second Presbyterian Church is safe and encouraging environment, which promotes faith discovery, spiritual growth, and dedication to God. They accomplish this through worship; mission trips & service opportunities; and development of community initiatives.

  37. Mount Pleasant Baptist Church


    Mount Pleasant Baptist Church is a congregation in Herndon, VA with a strong dedication to nurturing its youth through prayer, mentorship, and group activities.

  38. EDGE Catholic Youth Ministry of St. Patrick Catholic Community, Scottsdale


    EDGE Catholic Middle School Ministry of Scottsdale AZ provides opportunities for middle schoolers and adolescents to engage with faith during what is typically a difficult time of growth and change in their lives. The EDGE ministry in Scottsdale is a highly active branch of the national EDGE organization.

  39. East Ohio Conference

    East Ohio Conference

    The Youth Leaders Network in East Ohio has been formed to support, encourage, train and pray for each other in ministry. It is their goal to empower teens with skills to be Christian leaders now and in the future.

  40. Mission Basilica Parish

    Mission Basilica Parish

    Mission Basilica offers youth a variety of opportunities to help them understand, appreciate and experience the church. High school youth are provided with a place where their emotional, physical and spiritual needs are met.

  41. Emmanuel Baptist Church Youth Group

    Emmanuel Baptist Church Youth Group

    F.U.E.L. Youth Group is a youth group of an independent fundamental church called Emmanuel Baptist Church in South Haven, Indiana. They believe and try to spread the word that the Bible is the literal Word of God, and that every word is inspired. The Bible is the only authority on Faith and practice.

  42. Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America – Youth Ministry

    Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America - Youth Ministry

    The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Department of Youth Ministry trains youth leaders, organizes events, provides consultation for youth leaders and pastors across the archdiocese. The orthodox youth programs have the same goals as broader church membership, worship, witness, service, and fellowship.

  43. Vibrant Faith Ministries

    Vibrant Faith Ministries

    VFM provides access to training events, coaching services, and resources, as well as multiple faith-building websites. They are a catalyst for Christian congregations, communities and households striving to practice vibrant faith in a dynamic world. They offer Biblically grounded and research-based training designed to inspire, energize and equip leaders, parents, pastors, the spiritually curious, youth workers and other caring adults.

  44. National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

    National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

    The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry advocates for the role and needs of young people in the church and in society and promote the role of the church in the lives of young people. They provide leadership, resources, services, and conferences for the education and formation of leaders in the church.

  45. New Albany Deanery Catholic Youth Ministries

    New Albany Deanery Catholic Youth Ministries

    The New Albany Deanery Catholic Youth Ministries provides programs and services to the Catholic parishes of Clark, Floyd and Harrison counties. They serve families, youth and young adults by providing opportunities for them to develop and nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ that is lived out in the Catholic faith community.

  46. Center for Ministry Development

    Center for Ministry Development

    The Center for Ministry Development has shown youth ministers a wealth of useful approaches to connecting with other individuals and encouraging active participation with God. Founded in 1978, they’ve grown and increased their reach, having worked with over 150 Catholic dioceses and organizations around the world.

  47. Catholic Youth Ministry Hub

    Catholic Youth Ministry Hub

    Catholic Youth Ministry Hub equips youth ministers with all the tactics to recruit and retain passionate Christian youths locally and help build a local culture of young people active in the work of God. The site has great material to get started with, but also a news section, and blog.

  48. Baptist Youth Ministries

    Baptist Youth Ministries

    Baptist Youth Ministries (BYM) is a network of leaders and youth communities from New South Wales (NSW) and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) with a common heart: to glorify Jesus and to help young people experience MAXIMUM LIFE through Christ.

  49. Top of Page


    Youth ministry blogs, especially by youth pastors or others actively engaged in the work, are among the best places to get ideas for how to conduct youth ministry activities and how to encourage young people to maintain interest in their faith.

  50. Whyismarko


    Mark is a partner in The Youth Cartel, providing services and resources for individual youth workers and organizations. His blog focuses on life, faith, youth ministry, church, and leadership.

  51. The ADD Youth Pastor

    The ADD Youth Pastor

    Witten and maintained by a twenty year veteran of ministry, his blog explores the challenges of youth ministry. He offers suggestions, critiques, and writes about his own negative and positive experiences.

  52. Download Youth Ministry Blog

    Download Youth Ministry Blog

    This blog focuses on how to be a successful youth leader. From welcoming new students to working with volunteers to organizing service trips, this blog offers practical advice that has been used in youth ministries all over the country.

  53. Average Youth Ministry

    Average Youth Ministry

    Average Youth Ministry presents working with young individuals in a humbling light that doesn’t emphasize a “top” in student ministry, but instead identifies the fact that all youth ministers are doing invaluable work for those they work with. Posts give fantastic insight into making a larger impact on young individuals.

  54. Rethinking Youth Ministry

    Rethinking Youth Ministry

    Rethinking Youth Ministry urges individuals to reframe the way they look at issues today in a contemporary light and helps ministers find the most effective ways to connect with young individuals today. The site is run by Brian Kirk and Jacob Thorne, who also wrote the book Missional Youth Ministry: Moving from Gathering Teenagers to Scattering Disciples. The book is a must-read for those just starting a youth ministry or looking to foster a stronger connection between those currently involved.

  55. Top of Page

    General Youth Ministry

    There is a highly active and staggeringly productive community of youth ministry workers online, providing all types of resources for anyone involved in any aspect of youth ministry.

  56. Josh.org


    The Josh McDowell Ministry works to help churches encounter culture and bring the word of God to people. Their youth focus helps empower young people to serve in ministry and become relational people of God.

  57. Ministry Matters

    Ministry Matters

    Ministry Matters works to support churches and ministries resources, community, and inspiration. They have several online libraries stocked with video, audio, and article resources for preaching, teaching, and studying.

  58. Cross Examined.org

    Cross Examined.org

    CrossExamined.org is a non-profit ministry started in 2006 that conducts dynamic seminars on college campuses, churches, and high schools. They address the crisis of faith that causes 3-out-of-4 Christian youth leave the church while in college, many because they are intellectually skeptical.

  59. Fuller Youth Institute

    Fuller Youth Institute

    The Fuller Youth Institute exists to equip teenagers with the lifelong faith they need. They do this by conducting research and offering resources that elevate leaders, kids, and families.

  60. Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

    Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

    Founded in 1979, ECFA provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, fundraising and board governance. ECFA is committed to helping Christ-centered organizations earn the public’s trust through developing and maintaining standards of accountability that convey God-honoring ethical practices.

  61. Viva


    Viva is an organization with intent to unite organizations around the world serving children in various cities, ultimately to ensure a more effective network is in place for more comprehensive care. They currently work in 21 countries and touch the lives of nearly a million children.

  62. The Source For Youth Ministry

    The Source For Youth Ministry

    The owner of this site, Jonathan, speaks and trains at conferences, churches and events across North America, all while providing free resources for youth workers and parents on his websites. His training and resources focus on youth culture and parenting help.

  63. Relevant Children’s Ministry

    Relevant Children's Ministry

    Relevant Children’s Ministry is run by Dale Hudson, the Director of Children’s Ministry at Christ Fellowship Church, and he’s developed an extensive program that highlights the best ways to approach youth ministry work from a number of angles. With great leadership tools and information parents can find worthwhile, the site pulls useful information from the four books Mr. Hudson has co-authored, along with much more.

  64. LifeWay


    LifeWay Christian Resources is one of the world’s largest providers of Christian products and services, including Bibles, Bible studies, research, church music and supplies, and digital services. The company owns and operates more than 180 LifeWay Christian Stores across the nation, as well as Ridgecrest (NC) Conference Center. Through its publishing division, B&H Publishing Group, LifeWay publishes books and has produced the widely-respected HCSB Bible translation.

  65. Group


    Group Publishing is the publisher of youth focused curriculum, magazines, books and resources that pastors and other youth workers use regularly in their ministries. They have Sunday school curriculum, VBS materials, and plenty of other helpful resources for every part of youth ministry.

  66. Search Institute

    Search Institute

    The Search Institute has been around for over 50 years and has developed materials for analyzing what children need to ultimately succeed. By focusing on the crucial areas of developmental assets, relationships, and communities, they’ve been incredibly successful at working with youths and helping them succeed for the world of tomorrow.

  67. Catholic Youthwork. com

    Catholic Youthwork. com

    Catholic Youthwork.com is a great place where ministers can come to find jobs, locate supplementary resources, and even get involved in some of the leading events in the field. Their content is incredibly thorough and paints a great picture of how to operate a successful youth ministry.

  68. YouthPastor.com


    YouthPastor.Com was founded in 1997 to create the most comprehensive youth ministry network and online ‘free’ resource for youth pastors. Their focus is dedicated to the youth pastor, designing resources and services that are not typically available from the church denominations and Christian curriculum publishing services. Instead, their services complement the offerings of specialized ministries and curriculum publishers.

  69. thESource


    thESource helps provide resources with a focus on Jesus Christ and encourage those who work with young people in the church to succeed in their positions. The site is regularly updated and features new articles, blog posts, and more for youth ministers.

  70. YSA-Youth Changing the World

    YSA-Youth Changing the World

    When young people have the chance to serve their communities, young people gain skills necessary to success in school, in the workplace, and in life. Youth Service connects teens and kids to their community, develops feelings of self-worth, encourages problems solving skills and social responsibility and forges relationships.

  71. ORANGE


    This site is designed to equip church youth leaders to expand their influence – through resources and networking with other leaders. ORANGE hopes to help share leaders that will work towards engaging churches and families to influence the faith and character of the next generation.

  72. Fervr


    Fervr is a website for Christian teens or teens just checking out the whole ‘God’ thing. It’s a site full of stuff about teen life (Christian living, family & friends, dating & sex), the Bible (theology, evangelism and mission), entertainment (movies, music, comics, technology), videos and much more!

  73. Youth For Christ

    Youth For Christ

    Youth For Christ works with young individuals across the country, in rural and urban communities, to promote the message of Jesus. They’ve been incredibly successful at helping build the youth into embodiments of Christ through help aid in lifestyle choices, cooperative devotion, and more.

  74. Princeton Theological Seminary – The Institute for Youth Ministry

    Princeton Theological Seminary - The Institute for Youth Ministry

    The Institute for Youth Ministry collaborates with church leaders, congregations, scholars, and adolescents to promote the importance and practice of ministry with young people from early adolescence through college age. Princeton Theological Seminary carries out the mission of the Institute for Youth Ministry by initiating and integrating research related to the church’s mission with young people, offering doctoral and master’s degree programs

  75. Creative Youth Ideas

    Creative Youth Ideas

    Creative Youth Ideas exists to support youth leaders, youth workers, and ministers who don’t have a huge budget, a lot of time to find resources, or who live in parts of the world with no access to youth resources. They have camp curriculums, small group discussions, game ideas, creative teaching ideas, illustrations, object lessons and other ministry essentials.

  76. SAVE Ministry

    SAVE Ministry

    Focusing on crime prevention, conflict management and service projects, SAVE students are providing positive peer influences in violence prevention efforts. SAVE promotes meaningful student involvement, education and service opportunities in an effort to provide safer environments for youth.

  77. New Leaders Initiative

    New Leaders Initiative

    New Leaders Initiative is a great program that helps environmental leadership flourish by equipping young environmental leaders with the skillsets to achieve greater things. The New Leaders Initiative has done exceptional work, including running the Brower Youth Awards, which are the premier North American awards for young environmental leaders.

  78. First Third Youth Ministry

    First Third  Youth Ministry

    The Center for First Third Ministry at Luther Seminary exists to equip ministry leaders and congregations to faithfully and effectively minister with children, youth, young adults and families. Their mission is to “cultivate faith in the first third of life.”

  79. Oasis of Hollywood

    Oasis of Hollywood

    Oasis of Hollywood’s mission is to build mentoring relationships to support healthy development spiritually, academically, emotionally, and in life skills. The Oasis, a safe and positive alternative environment offers a variety of programs where inner city youth are encouraged and equipped to meet their goals and dreams and directed away from destructive lifestyles such as gangs and drugs.

  80. Circle G Mountain Ministries, Inc

    Circle G Mountain Ministries, Inc

    This is a service-oriented mission group that highlights the mission of justice and serving in the church. Their goal is to show youth groups, college groups, and others the joy that comes with serving others.

  81. New Jersey Youth.org

    New Jersey Youth.org

    The Episcopal Church in New Jersey offers and sponsors events and resources for teenagers in 6-12 grade and their spiritual leaders. These events and resources are dynamic and diverse opportunities for today’s youth to develop their own faith and spirituality and learn about God.

  82. Growing child, youth & family ministry – Forming Faith

    Growing child, youth & family ministry - Forming Faith

    Forming faith in child, youth and families is a significant part of the Christian church’s mission. This site is dedicated to providing ideas and resources for congregations and households as they strive to pass on faith in Christ from generation to generation.

  83. National Study of Youth & Religion

    National Study of Youth & Religion

    The National Study of Youth and Religion is a four-year research project funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. It began in August 2001 and will continue until August 2005. The purpose of the project is to research the shape and influence of religion and spirituality in the lives of U.S. adolescents; to identify effective practices in the religious, moral and social formation of the lives of youth; to describe the extent to which youth participate in and benefit from the programs and opportunities that religious communities are offering to their youth; and to foster an informed national discussion about the influence of religion in youth’s lives to encourage sustained reflection about and rethinking of our cultural and institutional practices with regard to youth and religion.

  84. Growing Kids Ministry

    Growing Kids Ministry

    Growing Kids Ministry is a place to share ideas, stories and resources. Started by Lindsey Whitney, the goal is to partner with small and mid-size churches who want to grow their Children’s Ministry programs, sharing ideas and encouraging each other together.

  85. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

    Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

    Ravi Zacharias International Ministries works to influence contemporary culture and infuse it with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From youth ministry work to providing aid to those who have been subjected to sex trafficking, the organization proves to be an important figure in a number of communities.

  86. D2S- Dare 2 Share

    D2S- Dare 2 Share

    Through training events, youth group resources and practical teen faith-sharing tools, Dare2Share helps prioritize evangelism in youth ministry. They are focused on hope and discipleship, creating leaders of the next generation.

  87. Dan Stevers

    Dan Stevers

    Dan Stevers understands the importance of various types of media today and how engaging they can be to young people, which is why his mini-movies have been so successful at connecting with them. For youth ministers looking for exciting content that is not only gorgeous to look at, but also informative, this is an incredibly effective site.

  88. Bible Hub

    Bible Hub

    Bible Hub is an interactive, web based Bible study tool. Students and users can look up verses from many different Bible translations, as well as find other helps including topical, Greek and Hebrew study tools, plus concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, sermons and devotionals.

  89. Cultivation Ministries

    Cultivation Ministries

    Cultivation Ministries aims to promote team-based youth ministries and help create student leaders that will have the skills to prosper. Started following a 10 year parish youth ministry experience, Frank Mercadante took this and has turned Cultivation Ministries in an effective catalyst that works with countless organizations around the country.

  90. Youth Worker Circuit

    Youth Worker Circuit

    Youth Worker Circuit helps youth ministers build a contemporary curriculum that emphasizes getting the main focus of the work and through the menial tasks that can be taxing. Through a monthly membership program, they provide a library of engaging digital material for building better relationships with youths and god.

  91. Stand to Reason

    Stand to Reason

    Stand to Reason helps Christians develop a skillset that helps give them increased perception about their faith, while also the defensive tools to advocate for Christianity in public. The site is loaded with useful information that ranges from training to a comprehensive history of the organization.

  92. Child Theology Movement

    Child Theology Movement

    Child Theology Movement does fantastic work to ensure the place children have in theology is one that promotes continued growth and reflection. This also helps the church grow by emphasizing a more united parish that includes students of all ages.

  93. Into Thy Word

    Into Thy Word

    Into Thy World seeks to provide you with the best possible Biblical resources that are well researched and carefully prepared. Their articles and Bible studies are ‘inductively’ delivered, meaning they are honest to the text with no trends or theological or personal agendas inserted. The real honest deal, as in what does the passage actually say, mean and how it applies to life and ministry.

  94. Top of Page

    Volunteering, Activism, and More

    Volunteering in the community and taking international mission trips are some of the most exciting activities that church youth groups undertake. These are excellent ways to keep young people excited and involved in their faith communities.

  95. Teen Missions International

    Teen Missions International

    Teen Missions is a pioneer of the concept of providing short-term missions experience for teens. The first team went out in 1971 and since that time over 40,000 North American youth have assisted with a variety of evangelistic and building projects with over 200 established missions in over 110 countries.

  96. National Youth Leadership Network

    National Youth Leadership Network

    The National Youth Leadership Network is youth-led and youth-driven. They offer several important resources on how organizations and meetings can fully support youth participation.

  97. Youth Work Resource

    Youth Work Resource

    This site focuses on helping organizes and equip churches and schools with youth program resources. They have resources designed to aid in Christian youth ministry and outreach in churches, communities, schools and youth groups.

  98. Youth Activism Project

    Youth Activism Project

    The Youth Activism Project was founded 1992 by Wendy Schaetzel Lesko as a non-partisan organization to encourage young people to speak up and pursue lasting solutions to problems they care deeply about. The organization’s currently strives to train adults to collaborate with young people, promote civic engagement among youth, provide free advice, and share practices for lasting change.

  99. Just One Starfish

    Just One Starfish

    Just One Starfish is an organization focused on building the Christian leaders of tomorrow by working with high school students of all Christian denominations and helping them become mentors. Through creating an engaging community of Christian mentors, they’re helping shape contemporary youth ministry work.

  100. Youth Works

    Youth Works

    Each summer YouthWorks provides mission trips for over 30,000 students and adult leaders in over 70 communities across North America. They seek to develop the leadership skills of young people for future ministry.

  101. Youth Encounter

    Youth Encounter

    One of the main goals of Youth Encounter is to maintain a sense of community for young people. They also want to offer support to families as they help raise their children and help families relate well to each other.

  102. YouthNet


    YouthNet is the online charity behind TheSite.org. The site aims to create a socially inclusive environment where young people living in the UK are engaged, informed and inspired to achieve their ambitions and dreams. They deliver high-quality information, signposting and frontline emotional support primarily through the internet, but increasingly through mobile phones, digital interactive TV and hand-held devices – the tools that are central to the way young people communicate.

  103. Salvation Army Youth Ministries

    Salvation Army Youth Ministries

    Salvation Army corps community centers offer religious and character-building programs that can include Sunday school, youth troops, music classes, athletics and sporting events, arts and crafts, camping, and more. Many inner-city youths who participate in such programs do not have access or opportunity to have these experiences otherwise.

  104. Presbyterian Youth Worker’s Association

    Presbyterian Youth Worker's Association

    The Presbyterian Youth Worker’s Association works to connect, uphold and inspire specifically Presbyterian youth workers to faithfully serve the Trinity among young people. They believe that PYWA can help anyone interested in supporting the call to youth ministry.

  105. Youthblog – Christian Youth Work Ministry

    Youthblog - Christian Youth Work Ministry

    Youthblog – Christian Work Ministry has all the latest information on youth ministries and what they’re doing to keep a contemporary feel in the church. The blog has great book recommendations and great ways to incorporate young people into ministry work.

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