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    Q: What’s the most common degree for entering the clergy?

    A: Most people obtain a Master of Divinity (MDiv) or Master of Arts in Religion (MAR).

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What are the Different Types of Theology Degrees?

TheologyTheology is a rewarding and demanding academic pursuit. There are many different degrees that fall under the “theology” category, and there are certainly some undergraduate theology degrees offered in broad categories such as Bible or Christian leadership; however most of them are advanced degrees, specializing in one part of theological training or another. Through various online seminary schools, you can even attain this. This is a great way for finding a job as a senior pastor or other kind of church leadership where advanced training is required. They are all, also, usually challenging and thought provoking degree tracks where students are not only mentally and intellectually stimulated, but also engage in a lot of soul searching.

Because the field of theology has grown substantially over the past few decades, it can be overwhelming for students to decide which degree is ultimately best for them to begin. One of the best ways to find the theology degree program that fits you is to think about your personality and think about the type of career you want to have in the future. Do you like working with kids? Do you want to lead a team of ministers? Are you looking to work in music ministry or teach missionaries how to engage with different cultures? There are theology degrees that cover every spiritual concentration to fill every ministry, service, or teaching role.

Masters in Theology

A masters degree in theology is a fairly broad theological degree for someone looking for a solid foundation in theological principles. It’s a degree that can be useful in going on to teach humanities or religion classes at a two or four year college. A degree like this might also be helpful working for a Christian social organization focused on the environment or social justice.

Masters in Theological Studies

This advanced, scholarly degree is for students who already have a religion or theology related undergraduate related degree, and for those looking to go on to get their doctorate. It is a degree that prepares students to research and publish in the field of religious studies more than it helps teach them to engage in active ministry, and is therefore very useful for anyone looking to teach, write, or continue in their training.

Masters in Divinity

The M.Div. degree is the degree that is typically pursued when someone is actively looking to become ordained and lead within a church. They are often denomination specific, and try to prepare students for service and leadership in a specific denomination. They are also appropriate degrees for students looking to work in youth and children’s ministry, counseling, and other positions on a church stuff.

Non-Evangelical Options

There are, of course, also degrees available for those who belong to other religious groups and wish to study theology. People belonging to the Islamic or Jewish religion can study to become rabbis or imams, or simply study the history of their religion, to go on and teach. There are also a number of non-religious colleges that offers students the option of earning a theology degree by learning about a number of major religions, including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. This kind of degree is also useful for teaching world religions, sociology, or humanities courses.

Job Prospects

Once a student has gone through the work of choosing a track and earning a degree, it’s reasonable to wonder about the next step: getting a job and earning a salary. As noted, many of the degrees are flexible between leadership, ministry, and teaching, to name a few. According to the Bureau of Labor, the teaching of religion at the post-secondary level, including a combination of classroom time and research, is a currently stable job field with a median income of over $60,000. Showing an enthusiasm for theology and divinity work is the easiest way to increase your job prospects. It’s one of the most recognizable features you can present to employers and often conveys over to your skills on the job as well.

Online Seminary Schools and Related Programs

Finding an online seminary school or even an online program from a seminary school can be challenging if you don't know where to look. If your end-goal is to enter some form of ministry though, several online schools do offer programs in religion and ministry. The colleges below are accredited schools that are also Christian universities offering such programs. By enrolling in an accredited degree program, you'll learn the skills necessary to work for a religious organization, lead a congregation, teach others about a specific faith, and much more.

Liberty University Religion: Pastoral Counseling (MA) Master of Theology Doctor of Ministry Liberty University is not only one of the largest Christian schools, with over 70,000 students currently enrolled, it is among the biggest schools in the US overall. Liberty offers a diverse range of theological programs including the Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry programs. These programs prepare you for Christian ministry in church and organization settings.
Indiana Wesleyan University Seminary Cert - Leadership Seminary Cert - Worship Arts Seminary Cert - Church Health and Revitalization Seminary Cert - Children, Youth and Family Indiana Wesleyan University is based in Marion, Indiana. The school has a rich history and has been in operation since 1920. IWU offers several certificates in Seminary Studies like Leadership that cover which is designed for students interested in religion, church ministry, Bible studies, or they are pursuing their master's degree.
Bob Jones University Biblical Counseling (MA) Bibical Studies (MA) Bob Jones University is a private, non-denominational Protestant university in Greenville, South Carolina in 1927. Bob Jones offers two degrees related to biblical studies. The first is an MA in Bibical Studies program that is designed for students wanting to obtain their degree quickly, and the second is the MA in Biblical Counseling program which focuses more on counseling and psychology from a thoroughly biblical perspective.
Grand Canyon University Divinity (MDiv) Christian Studies (BA) Christian Studies: Biblical Studies (BA) If you are interested in Christian ministry, Grand Canyon University has several paths you can choose from to get there. If you are continuing your education, the school offers a master's degree in divinity, a BA in Christian Studies, or a BA in Biblical Studies.

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